Garbage/Recycle/Yard Waste Collections

Collection BinsThe City of Rome residents is provided curbside service for garbage, recycling, yard waste, and trash collection.

The department operates on a 4-day collection schedule. All your waste (household garbage, recycling, yard waste cart, and junk items) will be collected on the same day between 7 am and 5 pm. All items should be placed curbside on your scheduled collection day. Please call our office for your area's collection day.



2022-2023 Holiday Schedule

Christmas Eve – Holiday, Friday, December 23rd – Work Week – Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

  • Monday and Tuesday – serviced as usual
  • Thursday and Friday’s Route – will be a double route on Thursday, December 22nd (NO YARD CARD SERVICE THURSDAY OR FRIDAY) 

Christmas Day – Holiday, Monday, December 26th – Work Week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 

  • Monday’s Route – will be serviced on Tuesday, December 27th
  • Tuesday’s Route – will be serviced on Wednesday, December 28th
  • Thursday and Friday – serviced as usual 

New Year’s 2023 – Holiday, Monday, January 2nd – Work Week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 

  • Monday’s Route – will be serviced on Tuesday, January 3rd
  • Tuesday’s Route – will be serviced on Wednesday, January 4th
  • Thursday and Friday – serviced as usual

Household Garbage

Our Department operates its Solid Waste Collections by providing residents with a City-issued 65 or 95-gallon garbage cart. All garbage must be contained in the sized cart you have subscribed to. Residents may choose to subscribe to multiple garbage carts. The monthly charge is included in your monthly utility bill.

530-42021 Residential Fee Schedule

  • 65-gallon city-issued cart $ 9.95 per month
  • 65-gallon city-issued (additional cart) $ 7.80 per month

  • 95-gallon city-issued $15.25 per/month
  • 95-gallon city-issued (additional cart) $11.25 per month

Solid Waste Brochure - English and Spanish Version Available

Please contact our office at 706-236-4580 and we will be happy to email or send by mail the Solid Waste Brochure in English or Spanish relating to your garbage, recycling, and yard care needs.

Curbside Recycling

The City provides each resident with a 65-gallon recycling cart. All items to be collected shall be placed into the cart provided by the City. Please do not sort items in the cart. Unacceptable materials and garbage left in the recycling cart will result in the cart not being serviced and penalties added to your utility bill. 

Check out this educational video on curbside recycling.

The following are the only items collected by the City of Rome Curbside Recycling:

  • Number 1 and 2 plastic bottles and jars (soda bottles, milk jugs, detergent containers). Please rinse.
  • Aluminum food/beverage cans and tin food cans. Please make sure cans are emptied of all contents and rinsed.
  • Corrugated cardboard. Please flatten.
  • Junk mail (do not bag)
  • Newspaper and all of its contents and magazines.
  • Paperboard (cereal boxes, gift boxes, shoe boxes, and clean TV dinner boxes). Remove liners and flatten.
  • The city does not collect plastic bags at the curbside.
  • The city does not collect shredded paper or styrofoam.

Shredded Paper

Should a resident or business wish to recycle shredded paper, they may take it to the Rome/Floyd Recycle Center located at:

Floyd County Recycling Center
412 Lavender Drive
Rome, GA 30161
Phone: 706-291-5266


  • Trash

  • Small items of junk like small appliances, small broken toys, etc should be placed in your garbage cart. A collection of larger items such as old furniture should be placed on the street by 7 am on the day of your garbage service day.
  • The City does not collect construction or demolition material, including Roofing, Rock, Cement, Dirt, Paint, Oil, or any Free Liquid. 
  • We do not collect Freezers, Refrigerators, A/C Units, or any items that would use refrigerated gas.
  • If you have any questions concerning an item you wish to dispose of that is not listed please get in touch with our office at 706-236-4580.

Yard WasteYard Waste Collection Grabber

Residents are issued a 95-gallon "Yard Waste Only" cart for the collection of yard debris (grass clippings, weeds, pine straw, small limbs, etc). Residents are charged a monthly fee of $1.60 for each yard cart. Please do not place leaves in garbage bags in the yard cart. Please no rocks or dirt.

Loose Debris (Non-Containerized)

Limbs and brushes that will not fit into a yard cart and are not over 500 pounds or 4 cubic yards may be placed out for collection for the grabber truck to collect. Tree limbs or branches should not exceed 8 feet in length or over 200 pounds in weight. Please note: This type of collection is done by route and not by schedule. Once your street is serviced, it takes the grabber truck approximately 4-6 weeks to return to your area to service your street again.  Please call our office at 706-236-4580 to get an estimated date of when we will be servicing your area.

Please note: The city does not collect debris placed out by contractors and/or lawn service companies. They are responsible for hauling off yard waste.

Debris that exceeds the weight and/or the cubic yard limits will be collected for a fee. The minimum fee is $170 per trailer.
Cubic Yards of Trash

Commercial Services Available

The Solid Waste Collections department may also provide garbage collection services for businesses. The subscription level of service starts at a service of 65 or 95-gallon carts, or dumpster service for 4, 6, and 8 cubic-yard dumpsters. The department will rent and/or sell dumpsters to businesses that have applied for service with the City of Rome, when available. To have brush/yard debris and/or cart recycling collected by the city of Rome, businesses must have subscribed to garbage service with the city.

Please contact our office for more information at 706-236-4580.