Contractor Information

Contractor Eligibility

The City of Rome Community Development Department has established a pre-qualification procedure for contractors and maintains a list of pre-qualified contractors. Contracts for work under the City of Rome’s Exterior Rehabilitation Programs are awarded only to contractors who have been pre-qualified. Any contractor desiring to bid on these projects must meet the requirements with the City of Rome Community Development Department with a completed application and required documents on file. 

The following items are needed to process an application:

All applicants who submit a Contractor Application will be notified in writing of their status in a timely manner. A determination of pre-qualification to participate in the City of Rome’s Rehabilitation Program is good for one year from the date of notice and may be renewed annually. If, in the opinion of the City of Rome Community Development Department, the contractor meets the Program’s standards for qualified contractors, the Contractor’s name will be placed on the Qualified Contractor Register. If approved, you will be contacted by our department staff to provide a bid on the homes that are eligible for our Rehabilitation Program 

DISCLAIMER: Pre-qualification of a contractor does not guarantee that the contractor will be awarded a contract. Pre-qualified contractors will be eligible to participate in the competitive procurement process for projects only if the contractor meets the City of Rome’s local procurement requirements and Policies and Procedures. 

Contractor Application