Quick Reference - City Services

Quick reference guide of who to call for questions concerning specific city services.

Building Permits 706-236-3858 Building Inspection
Business/Alcohol License 706-236-4460 City Clerk
Bus Schedule Information 706-236-4523 Transit Department
Cemetery Plots 706-236-4534 Cemetery
Code Enforcement (Private lots that are overgrown, have garbage, junk cars) 706-236-4481 Building Inspection
Code Enforcement (Environmental Hazard) 706-236-4481 Building Inspection
Damage Claims (property, vehicle, personal injury) 706-236-4451 HR/Risk Management
Downtown Parking Questions 706-236-4520 Downtown Parking
Dumpster Rentals (Commercial & Residential) 706-236-4580 Solid Waste
Garbage & Recycle Pick-up 706-236-4580 Solid Waste
Landfill Questions 706-291-4512 Walker Mountain Landfill
Mowing/Weeding (City right-of-way, parks and trails) 706-236-4585 Street
New Street Address Assignment 706-378-3842 Engineering
Para Transit Services 706-236-4523 Transit Department
Paving Issue 706-236-4585 Street
Pothole 706-236-4585 Street
Recycling Pick-up 706-236-4580 Solid Waste
Sewer Issue 706-236-4560 Water & Sewer
Sidewalk Repair 706-236-4585 Street
Street Sign Issue 706-236-4466 Street
Storm Drain & Drainage Ditch Issue 706-236-4585 Street
Traffic Signal Issue 706-236-4585 Traffic/Electrical
Traffic Ticket (Info and Payment) 706-236-4462 Police 
Tree Issues (Trees in city right-of-way only) 706-236-4585 Street
Water - Set up new service, transfer service, disconnect service 706-236-4440 Water Billing
Water - Water bill question 706-236-4440 Water Billing
Water - Water smell, water pressure, water leak 706-236-4560 Water & Sewer
Yard Waste, Brush, Leaf Pick-up 706-236-4580 Solid Waste
Zoning Change Request 706-236-5024 Planning & Zoning